What Causes a Leaking Tap?

Water dripping from a tap

Taps are indispensable, but when they leak they increase your energy bills, waste water, and inconvenience you.

There are many reasons why taps leak. Worn out gaskets and mineral deposits are the most common causes. Fortunately, you don’t always have to replace the tap. With the help of a few tools and a little expertise, you can fix a leaking tap in no time.

The Components of a Tap

Taps consist of several rubber and ceramic parts. These parts include jumper valves, washers, and O-rings. Replacement parts are usually cheap and if you plan to disassemble the tap, you could replace all worn out parts at the same time. Always rely on a licensed plumber to get the job done.

What the Job Entails

If you hire the services of a licensed plumber, this is how they’ll go about fixing your leaking tap.

  • They will turn off the water supply to your tap.
  • They will plug the drain and disassemble the faucet to examine its internal components.
  • Faucets come in 4 types. You’ll either have a compression faucet, a ball bearing faucet, a cartridge faucet, or a ceramic disk faucet.
  • Each one has a different mechanism. Once the plumber takes the tap apart, they’ll know what parts need replacing.
  • If the tap is dripping, you probably have a worn out seat washer. This part has rubber and it’s prone to wear and tear. The plumber will find a replacement washer, coat it with grease and install it back in place.
  • If you have a ball faucet, they will probably use a replacement kit to repair the faulty tap cam assembly. The kit comes with all the tools and replacement parts that make the job a breeze.
  • While replacing the tap cam assembly, the plumber will change the O-rings and replace old springs and valves with new ones.

Fixing Cartridge Taps and Ceramic Disk Taps

  • To fix a cartridge tap the plumber has to remove the cartridge with the help of pliers. They then look for worn out O-rings and takes them out with a utility knife. After replacing the old O-rings with new ones, they fix the tap handle back and complete the job.
  • Ceramic disk taps have a disk cylinder with neoprene seals. These seals often get coated with deposits after a period of time. The plumber replaces the old seals and re-assembles all the other components of the tap.

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