What Not to Put Down Your Drains

Grey metal sink with water flowing through

There are several things that should not go down your sink or toilet. These items clog your drains and often damage the ecosystem. To protect the environment, you must be responsible for your actions and avoid throwing unacceptable items down the drain.

It’s important to be mindful of all items marked ‘flushable’. They may not be flushable and could easily clog your toilets or end up in the water sewage network.

Items you Shouldn’t put Down Your Drains

  • Parents are guilty of throwing wet wipes into the toilet bowl. These wipes cause serious blockages that are expensive to repair. Wet wipes should ideally go into the garbage bin.
  • Apart from wet wipes, make sure you chuck all used sanitary products into the garbage. These include cotton earbuds, sanitary napkins and nappies. Even if the product is biodegradable, make sure you discard it in a garbage bin.
  • Grease and oil should never go down the drain. They will coat your drain pipe and attract particles from other items coming down the drain. This could eventually block your sink. To get rid of fats and oils, put them into a small container and toss it into your garbage bin.
  • Avoid throwing hazardous liquids into the drain. They’re corrosive and they could harm the environment.
  • Apart from hazardous chemicals, avoid sending any medications down the drain. If you want to discard old medications, talk to your pharmacist. They may ask you to send the medications to a collection centre.
  • To prevent your kitchen sink from getting blocked, avoid throwing tea leaves or bags into the sink. Also, stop yourself from throwing leftover foods that contain gelatine or other setting agents.
  • It’s best to put leftover semolina, flour or rice into the garbage bin instead of sending it down the kitchen sink.
  • Lastly, if you have a waste disposal system in your sink, don’t drop bones or potatoes into it. They won’t grind well and may get stuck in the food disposal unit.

Garbage Disposal

Once you dump unacceptable items down the drain, they end up in waste treatment plants, sewers, and finally the ocean. Instead of throwing away items that will ultimately kill fish and plant life, consider using reusable items. Switch to cloth and paper products that you can turn into compost. If you put your degradable leftovers into a compost bin, you won’t end up using precious landfill space. Remember to fit drain catchers on your drains to trap food and other items.

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