Handling a Plumbing Emergency

Woman mopping up water coming from a leaking sink

Leaks, pipe bursts and blockages can happen at any time and they are plumbing problems that need prompt attention. If you don’t have the skill or expertise to handle emergency situations, you need to bring in the professionals so you don’t damage your home and its foundation.

To minimise the damage that accompanies leaks and pipe bursts, you must act quickly. Keep in mind the following tips when dealing with emergency plumbing situations.

Handling Leaks

Leaking water can seep through the walls and the floor, and damage the foundation of your home. It could also destroy your furniture and your valuables. To stop a major leak in its tracks, look for the main water supply valve. Turn this valve off. Although you could turn off individual fixtures, it’s a good idea to turn off the main valve if you see leaks in more than one place.

Handling Pipe Bursts

Pipe bursts are difficult to handle without professional help. You could turn off the main water valve if you can reach it safely. If the water is close to an electrical outlet, avoid stepping into it. Throw a few rags and towels on the floor to soak up excess water. If the pipe has burst, you’ll probably hear the sound of gushing water. Without wasting any time, get in touch with an emergency plumber in your area.

Handling Clogged Toilets and Blocked Drains

The first thing you should do you when you have a clogged and overflowing toilet is to close the toilet flapper. This should stop water supply to the toilet bowl. Also, lay out rags or newspaper on the floor around the toilet to catch spills.

Use a plunger to pump the water in the bowl. Remember to place the plunger directly over the hole to create a nice seal. Pump repeatedly to drain the bowl. If this doesn’t help, pour a mixture of one part baking soda and 2 parts vinegar into the bowl. Allow it to sit overnight, so it breaks down the clog.

Lastly, you could use a toilet auger to displace matter that’s blocking your bowl. They’re flexible enough to pass through the narrow passage running through the toilet bowl. They break down clogs and clear obstructions.

These methods don’t work on clogs caused by objects. If you can’t see the object in the bowl, you’ll have to call a professional plumber to unclog the toilet.

Household Plumbing in Beckenham

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